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Rotor Oil - Bearing & Linkage Oil - Grease | Complete Set

On this page, in our small corner of the vast web universe, lies the best opportunity for you weirdos with rotary valves to one-stop-shop your lube needs. Point A: best rotor lubes anywhere. Point 2: save a couple bucks by bundling them together. Point the Third: best/most thoughtful packaging anywhere, designed with you in mind — specifically, adequate protection for your precision needle tip applicator, which lets you keep your lube where you want it instead of it goo-ing all over the inside of your case or music or pet goldfish or conductor. It happens. We've seen it. It ain't pretty. You know what's pretty? The Grand Canyon, Jennifer Aniston (Tom Hooten said so...), and not getting oil everywhere because your inexplicably-designed naked needle breaks or leaks. ...also Jude Law. 

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Contains: 1 Rotor Oil (you choose viscosity), 1 Bearing & Linkage Oil, 1 Grease
Width: 3.50
Height: 5.38
Depth: 1.50

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5 Stars

I’m a huge fan of your products and I recommend them to all of my students! The only thing I have to suggest is some improvement in the packaging for shipping. When my kit arrived, either the oil of grease had spilled a bit, leaving a film over all 3 products. Perhaps they can be minimally wrapped separately to avoid this in the future? I’m all for reducing the environmental impact with minimal packaging, but the cleanup I had to do afterwards (wasting water and paper towels) probably evened it out.