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If your local music store doesn't currently carry Monster Oil, please ask them to contact us!

Retailers: so you want to sell Monster Oil? We like your style. Just drop us an email right here:

Ordering through us is easy and hassle-free. No product minimums. Ordering through our website is also a great option that is very easy to set up, making it possible for you to browse our store and add to cart the same way customers do—at wholesale prices.


Add Monster Oil to Your Rental Instruments

Our products are different from other oils on the market in that they:

• were designed, formulated, and tested by three professional trumpet players from a premier military band
• actively clean the instrument with a specially designed solvent
• do not cause the typical synthetic 'build-up' issue
• are designed for superior longevity
• actively prevent corrosion

For these reasons, you will find that including our products with your rental instruments saves you time and money on the back-end, since a cleaner, healthier instrument is returned to you at the end of the rental period. 

To find out about special pricing for putting our products in with your rentals send an email to:

Meet the Monster Dealers

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