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Super G

The Conn Geib — one of the most legendary mouthpieces of all time. Just about every manufacturer has tried to copy and improve it. The most famous was likely the 30G from Scott Laskey. But not everybody was thrilled with the rim. Sooooo...

The brilliant (and humble) boys at Monster Oil got to work creating a new mouthpiece based on superior examples of Mr. Laskey's Geib, with an updated rim that is extremely comfortable.  The result is the Super G.

Reviews from pro-tuba beta testers are off the charts. When these testers told us we were in "holy grail" territory, we started producing them. They're finished, they're here, and they're waiting  for you. Pick up your Lube Master Tuba Mouthpiece today, available in both American and European shank. 

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Width: 2.50
Height: 5.00
Depth: 2.50

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