Monster Oil Ships Fast and Guarantees its Products. Neato!


You order. We'll ship it to you. Anywhere in the world. Can you believe it??! The future is here! Our products usually process and ship within 24 hours. If you need anything special just drop us a line, we're usually amenable unless it sounds stupid to us and then we'll just tell you "okay no problem" and then probably just do it the normal way.

Monster Oil's Viscosity Guarantee 

Unhappy with the viscosity you ordered? Hit us with an email and we'll talk and figure it out—and then we'll send you your new viscosity. For Free. We're the only company that we know of with a policy like this. By the way, we have a great viscosity guide over at our FAQ page. But for any of that to apply, you have to buy something, so what the lollipops are you still doing here? Go shop!!

Monster Oil