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Showcase Your Brass Pride With Monster Oil's Stylish Stickers. 

When people first see our bumper stickers they have one of several different reactions:

  • "Why is a lube company selling something that is sticky?"
  • "I wonder if I could use these to cover up the private parts on my Renaissance paintings."
  • "Thank goodness; the 'Brassholes 4-ever' bumper sticker on my case needs a friend."
  • "Help! Three random guys kidnapped me and made me look at bumper stickers!"

We use ours for bathroom wallpaper — 500 or so should do it.

Monster on!

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Width: 11.50
Height: 3.00
Depth: 0.02
Warranty: Unhappy? Hit us up, we'll fix it, but only if you'll be our friend.

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