Here's What People are Saying About Us....Right In Front of Our Backs:


"I met the Monster guys at ITG 2015. I walked away with a few bottles thinking that it was just another gimmicky oil that I'd try and then probably not use, but I was pleasantly surprised. This stuff is great, and old valves that had been sticking with all types of oil came back to life and started working well again. I've been telling my friends, if you want stuff to work, then use Monster oil and slide oil. Thanks Monster guys for making a great product."Steve Patrick, Nashville session musician and owner of Patrick Mouthpieces


"Hey, what's this? 
I'll tell you what it is.
It's a bottle of kick ass Monster Oil.
That's what it is."Mike Haynes, Nashville studio trumpet player


"If you need to make sure your valves are working there's only one product you need to use - Monster. Perfect. You won't have any issues forever."Ryan Anthony, Principal Trumpet of the Dallas Symphony


"How do these guys stay in business?  I applied Original Monster Oil about a month and a half ago, and haven't had to re-oil since.  At this rate, I won't have to buy another bottle for another 11 or 12 years!  Look, it's not rocket science that the guys at NASA use this stuff...well maybe it is.  The point is, this stuff is good.  But don't take it from me, use a recent student as a perfect example.  His valves had been sticking for months, he applied Monster Oil, and voila, no more problems!  Granted, his range, endurance, technique, musicality, flexibility, and general sound remained fairly poor, but you could tell that his valves were moving exactly as he intended.  Look, I'm not saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm not saying it's not either.  Stick me in a room with only Monster Oil or honey, I take Monster Oil every time, no questions asked."Brandon Craswell, Professor at the University of Georgia


"Your oil works as promised; my valves go up AND down quickly & smoothly! You should be pleased to know that it will be difficult for someone to sue you due to false advertising."Jay Lichtmann, Trumpet Player of the Hartford Symphony for at least 100 years – maybe more


"This stuff is great! I'm definitely going to use it as long as they keep giving it to me for free!"Justin Emerich, Professor of Trumpet at Michigan State Univerity


"I like the products a lot so I will recommend to everyone!!!!!"Abel Pereira, Principal Horn of the National Symphony Orchestra


"I wanted to send a quick note just to say thanks for your valve oil.  I have used (another oil) for years with a certain amount of success, but have always had trouble with the valves on my Bb.  I started using your "Faster" oil over the winter break on the Bb and have not had the valves hang even once!  I'm really happy with the oil and will continue to use it, and I've recommended it to my colleagues as well."Chad Winkler, Trumpet with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


"If olive oil is made from olives, and corn oil is made from corn, what is Monster Oil made from? My guess is rainbows and puppies, because this stuff is amazing."Mark DeGoti, Professor of Trumpet at Auburn University


"I use Monster Oil, LLC products and the results are truly amazing. The oil is smooth, fast, odorless, and lasts longer than any other oil I've used. Because of my performance and clinician schedule, I travel a lot and have found this Monster Oil to work great in any climate. I highly recommend Monster Oil, LLC products!"Dr. Aaron Witek, Conn-Selmer Artist and Trumpet Professor at the University of Louisiana - Monroe


"Dude I will exclusively use Monster Oil. Monster Oil is awesome dooooood."Kevin Paul, US Army Field Band