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Complete Set of Lubes for Valves (Pistons) | Valve Oil, Slide Oil, Slide Grease

Everything you need to take your playing...well at least your trumpet to the next level. Make your valves and slides respond like they never have before. Be careful though because once you go Monster Oil, you never go back.

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Contains: 1 Valve Oil of your choice, 1 Slide Oil, 1 Slide Grease
Width: 3.50
Height: 3.63
Depth: 1.50
SKU: 8D-ZB5K-ST0Dā€”&ā€”T9-QF9J-A880ā€”&ā€”9R-E066-FKS4
Warranty: Worry-free. If you think a different viscosity would work better than the one you ordered, drop us a line and we'll send it to you free of charge.

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